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The Docking Station Story

The Docking Station Story follows the travels, trials and tribulations of the endearing Lone Shee - the creator of Docking Station's Capillata. Read on to find out more about the Lone Shee and his adventures with the Warp and his pet Norns.

Norn Biochemistry 101: A peek inside a Norn

An introduction to Norn Biochemistry. If you're wondering how to best take care of your Norns, this is the definitive reference! This article refers equally to Creatures 2 and 3 so, get reading!

What is Creature Labs' CyberLife?

What is all this about CyberLife (the technology behind Creatures) and the science of Creatures? Steve Grand, former Technology Director and the "Father" of our furry friends, explains the Philosophy and History of Artificial Life - Creature Labs style.

To Name a Norn

Why was the first Norn named Ron and not Adam? There's a reason, you know!

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C2 Ecology in a Nutshell

A complete rundown of Albia's ecology, post-volcanic eruption!

Who are the Shee?

Ever since Creatures was launched in 1996, people have wondered about the Shee - the creators of the Norns and the other creatures in the game. A certain mystique has shrouded them - what did they look like, how were they able to perform such complex genetic engineering experiments and where have they disappeared to? All that remains are their fantastic inventions, some ancient documents and the statue in the underground laboratories. But does the awesome Shee statue really look like the Shee or did they mold an image that they wanted to be remembered by?

The Last Shee on Albia

A little back story leading up to the release of Creatures Docking Station. This tells the story of the Last Shee left on Albia (and how the Creatures 2 volcano exploded).

Bondi Norn Care Guide

Looking for a bit of information on how to look after your Bondi Norns? Well this is the place for you. Read on to find helpful hints on how to keep your Bondi Norns happy and healthy.

Toxic Norn Care Guide

Wondering what you need to do to help your Toxic Norns thrive? If so, this Care Guide is precisely what you should read to find out the facts behind this strange but endearing Norn breed. Read on to find out more information about what gives these Norns their odd name, and also how to feed and take care of them.

Hardman Norn Care Guide

Are you looking for a bit of advice to help out with your moody Hardman Norns? Well worry no more, this is the place to find information on how to try and keep your Hardman Norns quiet and content.

Treehugger Norn Care Guide

Perhaps the leaf-covered, nature-loving Treehugger Norns seem slightly too fragile. Or maybe you just need a few hints and tips to help you take better care of them. Whatever the reason, this is the place with the information you need.

The Magma Norn Story

The Magmas are a fiery breed and the last saved from Albia. Sound like an exciting story? Perhaps you should read on!

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